A Self-Indulgent Moment

Ed Note: this one, I should probably backdate.  This is primarily about my SCA service bucket list I’ve pulled it up to remind me of my plan.  Edited into this blog in July 2016.

by Merouda – September 2nd, 2006.
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There is clearly something in my makeup that appreciates well-roundedness, and from this is born my love of trying all aspects of a thing. Yesterday morning, I was offered the position of SUN Chancellor, an SCA office that is essentially in charge of maintaining lists of teachers. In the original days, it was more like the SCA version of a Dean, in that you had responsibilities to get SUN events underway, but that is not its current focus. Anyway, here’s the Projectland aspect of it: I can now cross A&S officer off of my SCA things to do list. Just as a check for myself, here is the list of SCA offices I can remember holding and which of the divisions they fall into:

Gold Key, Rockwall. Midlands Cartographer.
Chronicler, Rockwall. Web Minister, Rockwall.
Exchequer, Rockwall. Deputy CoE, Rockwall.
Evergreen Signet, Evergreen Herald, Rockwall Pursuivant, Deputy Pursuivant x 2, Caer Anterth Pursuivant, Herald-at-large. (I likes me some heraldry!)
SUN Chancellor

All I need now is something martial and something chiurgeon. The problem with chirurgeon is that I am wholly uninterested in serving as a first aid person in an official capacity. Because of my job, I have to be certified in both first aid and CPR, so I could certainly qualify, but that doesn’t mean I want to do it for my hobby world, too. I’ve provided first aid at events in an unofficial capacity and done time on the field as a waterbearer, and it may be that this is as extensive as my chirurgeon-type service gets. We’ll see. As for martial, I’m thinking I’d either have to look to Archery Marshal or Listmistress for my service in that area. As for the others, I’d still like to try Chatelaine (falls under the seneshal), MOAS, and maybe Kingdom Herald. Cuz I loves me some heraldry.

It’s a queer goal, to serve in all capacities, I know, but so what? I’m an odd kind of girl.
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September 2nd, 2006 at 11:31 am
There should be some special sort of distinction for having served in all capacities. As far as I’m concerned, it takes a lot more work and a lot more true dedication to the Society than just being king a couple of times. I can’t believe you’ve never been an A&S officer before, though.
September 2nd, 2006 at 12:23 pm
The Signet office is one of those weird things that could go either way if it wasn’t for the fact that it is defined as a Heraldry position, and I’ve been the A&S sub-crat for various events, but this is my first official office. It’s kind of bizarre, actually, as the arts are pretty much what people see about me. Most people have no clue how much service I have performed–even my Laurel did not realize it for a long time. Maybe one of the reasons that is so is because I tend to do so much service outside the arts. I’ve been some kind of warranted officer continuously since 1993.

As for my last two to go, I’ve certainly shot archery as a service to the kingdom (for the war point) and and have been a consort for coronet and crown tourney solely as a service to a fighter rather than out of a burning desire to be a Royal, so I can say, validly, that I do have the martial aspect under my belt, but I haven’t had an office there yet. I think I’ll be happy to be an archery marshal, but I really think I’ll have to let the chirurgeon go at a willingness to work waterbearing and patch up folks under the auspices of the good Samaritan laws rather than under the auspices of the SCA. I just don’t want to be an official chirurgeon, and most waterbearer offices are not at the local level–I’m not interested in working in that above the local level. Alas.

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