Thunderstorms today.

I find myself thinking of gardening. I am a little torn regarding investing much money into my garden this year versus making do with leftovers from prior. There are always seeds that didn’t get planted, fertilizers that didn’t get used, and so forth.

I tend to prefer perennials. I put them in, and every year, they grow. Many of them are also edible; day lilies, sage, thyme, lemon balm, lovage, roses, oregano, raspberries, mint, rhubarb. And there are also the gifts that come from nature, volunteers not welcomed by my neighbors but delightful to me: dandelion, purslane, Queen Anne’s lace, plantain, burdock, a wild apple that sprung up and bears sour fruits, sheep sorrel, violets, clover, lamb’s quarter. There are a couple of marigold volunteers springing up; I may be having marigolds in my autumn salads. I have always enjoyed eating wild edibles; I wish I knew more about wild mushrooms.

I suppose I might buy tomato plants for this year; I didn’t locate my seed stash until much too late in the year to start anything, and it’s getting late in the season. Growers want to get rid of them. Eggplants, maybe, too. I’ll get in some things over the course of the coming weeks, short season items, fall crops. I never seem to get started quickly enough to get a nice spring crop, but cooler weather will come again, and then I shall have spinach and kale and other such things.

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