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Just a little something I want to keep.

I’m taking a brief break from watching .swf presentations on health care to peek at my facebook page’s newsfeed, and I found a little blog essay I want to keep: No Shit You wouldn’t think a short essay on tailoring … Continue reading

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Day 23: Share distribution line.

Share is a volunteer food buying organization. It’s always kind of a crap shoot, regarding what you will get; it’s different every month. Information here: I chose a distribution site that works very early; everyone is always kind and … Continue reading

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A Tropical Heat Wave

Ah, it’s hot. As frugally as I am trying to live these days, I am trying to get through the day with the house shut up and dark, and this is sufficient to create a noticeable temperature difference between inside … Continue reading

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The fan is spinning in the window, blowing gusts of night air into the room. I’m tired. It’s as much work to seek paid employment as it is to be employed. I had put that out of my mind, but … Continue reading

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Day 7: Picking strawberries

This was the last day for strawberries at our favorite pick-your-own, and Angelique wanted to take the kids. I went with for the many benefits of spending time with the descendants and the fact that it was quality time for … Continue reading

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