Day 7: Picking strawberries

Day 7: Picking strawberries

This was the last day for strawberries at our favorite pick-your-own, and Angelique wanted to take the kids. I went with for the many benefits of spending time with the descendants and the fact that it was quality time for free. Angelique is trying very hard to make sure I have such opportunities right now.

We had the two youngest with us, and they certainly ate more than they picked. Afterwards, we walked through the various plants they had for sale, and I took pictures of the ones I’d like to add to my garden next year, when I have ongoing paid work and can afford such things. 🙂

I expect that there is going to be a lot of canning and freezing in the near future. I am hoping that between purchases and what I can grow, I can put up enough stuff to make it worth the effort.

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