The fan is spinning in the window, blowing gusts of night air into the room. I’m tired.

It’s as much work to seek paid employment as it is to be employed. I had put that out of my mind, but here I am reminded of it. I’ve not obtained a new job, yet.

I’ve been spending non-job-seeking time working on the garden. Soon enough, I’ll sit down and set up a series of before and after pictures. Time is passing, and I can not dawdle if I mean to supplement our food budget with home grown things. Too, making myself work in the garden fills the time, keeps me focused on employment. If one can not sell one’s labor at this time, one can use one’s labor for one’s own purposes. I’d be writing stories–but the garden won’t wait. Seed-sowing for fall crops in this area is starting. Plant now, or plant nothing.

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