A Tropical Heat Wave

Ah, it’s hot. As frugally as I am trying to live these days, I am trying to get through the day with the house shut up and dark, and this is sufficient to create a noticeable temperature difference between inside and outside–but the heat and humidity is still so intense, even inside, that it ensures that today will be a day of minimal movement.

I’m boring right now, I know, and it’s because the majority of my computer time is spent looking for work, while the majority of my non-computer time is taken up with the garden.

It’s not a fabulous garden, I never seem to get that far along, but at least I am working to create value instead of watching TV. Same thing with writing; I have gotten a few outlines down, but I inevitably drift from what ever story I am writing to scanning the employment sites yet again, to see if something new has popped up since I last looked an hour before.

I say again, I’ve been boring lately.

What I have managed to do is start a little photo record of my days. I meant to upload a picture and write about it here every day, but so far, I’ve only been able to attend to it every few days. The pictures all exist, and have been made available here.

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