Day 23: Share distribution line.

Day 23: Share distribution line.

Share is a volunteer food buying organization. It’s always kind of a crap shoot, regarding what you will get; it’s different every month. Information here:

I chose a distribution site that works very early; everyone is always kind and willing — and mostly of very modest means. By the time I’d taken this picture, I’d gone through the line already: one of the last, as I had delayed in dressing and departing, too comfortable in my bed to leave it a moment before I had to.

I have always been an on-again, off-again participant, largely on the basis of my time to cook for myself, but now it’s kind of imperative to use this service. I’m planning on volunteering for one of the work days in August if I am still not working. A volunteer organization needs volunteers.

Food prices have gone up enough to require Share to hike their rates starting in August. We are living in harsh times. When I am here, I think about various studies on human reciprocity amongst the less fortunate, and I see it before my eyes. So many with very little, working to help others in the same boat keep floating. The Captain Hammers of the world could stand to take a lesson.

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