Just a little something I want to keep.

I’m taking a brief break from watching .swf presentations on health care to peek at my facebook page’s newsfeed, and I found a little blog essay I want to keep:

No Shit

You wouldn’t think a short essay on tailoring would be so important, but it is. It’s something I have known for years and have tried to impress upon women (and men, these days, since the fashion industry and marketing is now beginning to understand how they can turn men into starving and self hating consumers of fashion products). Something gleefully validated when I was in a Planet Hollywood noticing the hatchet job someone had done, tailoring a dress from some Silver Screen goddess to a size small enough to fit the mannequin. That little moment generated a blog essay all its own, but that blog is long out of the public eye.

This piece is a conversation a fine woman has with herself on the principle and prevalence of tailoring clothing, that off the rack doesn’t fit anyone, that nothing about anyone’s body is meant to fit the clothing in the store.

I stopped wearing many of my tee shirts years ago, not because I stopped liking them, but because they fit so excruciatingly poorly, and I just didn’t have time to tailor them. In this time of unemployment, I’ve been picking one a week to cut to a different fit, the tee shirts I have done the most damage to first (i.e., paint splatters, et cetera) and cutting new necks, different arms, different lengths, sewing up the side seams to a more feminine shape. I have not yet been completely happy with any particular refashion, but every one has resulted in something that fit me far more appropriately.

Nothing fits off the rack. No celebrity actually looks like his or her picture. Stop tormenting yourselves because you don’t look like they do. They don’t look like they do, either.

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