Dizzy. My head is spinning.

It’s been a lackluster day. I can’t seem to pull my head around to the story I want to write, largely because of the distraction of seeking files. I have looked for them, and looked for them, and I can not find where I stored them. This reminds me of the dreadful impermanence of electronic records–so many things lost. I continue to struggle with what I shall do about this blog’s prior database–it’s there, intact, but not capable of being integrated with this one. I may face spending time switching back and forth to pull the entries I want to keep out of the old database and letting it go from there.

But worse is the loss of files. So many things gone. The files of background for the next story I want to write are completely lost. Did they get erased through some magnetic accident? I will have to start over. I hate that. There is a sort of fevered stage I go though when I first decide upon a story, and things get written as fast as I can type them, and forgotten as the next thought is captured. This is why it is a real loss to me when such files disappear. What thing did I loose?

In other news, I am not sure I have mentioned that I got called back to work. That doesn’t usually happen in a social services situation. Lay-off is generally forever in the social services. My hours have been reduced, but that’s okay. I use the time to write stories, and send them to publishers. And maybe something good will come of that, and maybe nothing spectacular will happen, but I will have tried. 🙂

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