Ira Glass and His Advice

Facebook has a graphic with an excerpt of advice given by Ira Glass regarding working as a creative. I didn’t find the exact quote, but I found something equally useful, here.

Now,I have always loved Ira Glass; I have been aware of him since he first came to Chicago Public Radio–I listened to WBEZ all the time when I lived in Chicago (Now I tend to listen to WHAD/WUWM/WYMS/WMSE, which also marks me as a major Midwestern Girl, eh?).

Which is why I am sad that time took away my opportunity to prep a story for Dark Highlands–just too many other duties to get to before the duties I have to myself. I am, however, going to keep that on my list of markets to shoot for, in the hope that there will be another submission period. Do what you want to do, go where you want to go. I just have to do that in the margins that surround my other careers. 😉

I did find the time to at least get the outlines of two short bedtime stories and start work on the next novelette. I feel pretty good about the novelette. I think it will find a market when it’s done, it’s a pretty good story. However, I have to take Ira’s advice, and work, work, work.

When I started using the deadline tracker on Duotrope it was to give myself a deadline structure, but that hasn’t been working for me. I have to think of something else.

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