In Which Elyse Dutifully Checks In

Given that I am on break from school, I should spend a little time doing something I love: writing here.

Of course, I was not kidding a few entries ago when I said that my inability to solve the problem of the conflicting databases for this blog deeply discourages me. I can still resurrect the archives from 2004-May 2011, but I have to put them back to bed when I am done looking up… whatever it was I was looking for. Another issue; the gallery data bases are not synced any more, meaning that I shall have to attend to that at some point in the future.

At this point, the readers I have are few, so this likely will never be an issue, but should you ever come here again and find something with a pre-June 2011 date, you’ll know that at that moment, somewhere on the other side of the Internet, I’m digging something out of the archive.

Meanwhile, if you ever want to comment here again, I am afraid you will have to sign up for a new account at the point in time you decide to comment. Why? Because one of 2 things is going to happen: the old admin program will never come back, or the new one, this one, will move to a slightly different address and you’ll still have to have a new account to comment on this one–I shan’t be putting any entries into the old admin. My goal now is to try to save what I can from the old admin, and whisper sweet nothings to the memories. This admin is the life of the new, now.

Out with the old….

In the grand tradition of Internet navel staring and the endless American delusion regarding a better next year, I’ve been looking over my massive to-do list for 2011. I actually got some of the very long term items crossed off the list.

I know, right? How the hell did that happen?

My speculation: 1) Turned the television off and 2) stopped trying to be funny on Facebook. I’m over Facebook, have been for a while, but I still check in regularly because it’s about the best 21st C. version of a newsfeed out there right now.

Anyway, I think that this might be how it happened. Facebook stopped being entertaining.

Here is the kind-of-screwed-up version of it:


  1. Write. Write. Write. Write.
    1. Recreate space
    2. Organize old stuffs
    3. Get as much as can be salvaged off of vintage & disused computers and storage.
    4. Revamp website

i.      Make a secondary site to separate hobby works from professional works

  1. ****FINISH (a novel 1)***(private projects start here, just leave blank indications of intent for publishing)
  2. Write a (revamped version of an older work 1-3)
  3. Write a (revamped version of an older work 5)
  4. (private creative stuff)
  5. (private creative stuff)
  6. (private creative stuff)t
  7. (private creative stuff)
  8. (private creative stuff)
  9. Compile a volume of poetry. (which doesn’t need to be private, because, sheesh, it’s not like everyone who actually knows me doesn’t know I have poetry coming out my ears.)

i.      Submit for poetry contests.

  1. Write more poetry
  2. Take GRE
  3. Apply for PhD program
  4. Prestudy for calc 2
  5. Get front porch made into useable space again
    1. Sitting Area
    2. Sewing area
    3. “Curtains” for closing off sections when heat is needed in winter. (Ropes hanging from hooks with self-haning curtailns. Excellent use for a number of curtains that I bought and won’t ever actually use.)
  6. Garden work
    1. Square foot garden in raised bed
    2. Climbing annual vines for front yard on rails and awnings
    3. Espadrille the wild apple tree
    4. Turf seat
    5. Wattle Fence
    6. Cut back limbs on trees hanging over garage
    7. Move that pile of dirt!
  7. Write more articles
    1. Fake Cheese sauces
    2. Leek and Mushroom tart
  8. Thin Library
  9. Thin craft supplies
  10. Thin dishes!!!! And other kitchen miscellanea
  11. Thin miscellaneous possessions
  12. Thin wardrobe
    1. Remake favorite articles of clothing
    2. Make bags and other stuff for sale – will need it for some kind of income when in school.
  13. Continue working with WAMM
  14. Apply for several PhD/MA programs
    1. Take GRE
    2. Update GSU reference file
  15. Rearrange kitchen
    1. Get spice rack up
    2. Repaint
    3. Wainscoting
  16. Update Upstairs Bathroom
  17. Finish painting guest room
  18. SCA stuff:
    1. Repair Breakdown thrones
    2. Build breakdown boxes
    3. Roof cover for carport
    4. Finish!!!!!!

i.       clock refurburbishment

ii.      Alphabet blanks

iii.      Knitted bag project

  1. Revamp SCA wardrobe
  2. Project boxes for new clothing, sew it and sell it

Now, the numbering system got screwed up–the word-to-html switcheroo I did back in January went very wrong and I didn’t bother to save the initial file any place I can can currently find–but on the whole, there is a 4 year busy list up there. You know, a list that could keep me busy for 4 years.

Now, looking it over, I see that some Very Important Things got Started or actually done. Accomplishments related to this list, however, deserve their own list:

  1. Thin Wardrobe
  2. Thin Library
  3. Thin dishes
  4. This misc. possessions
  5. Continue Working with WAMM
  6. PhD issues diverted into HIT program, which I will finish up in February
  7. Update the Bathroom (although, in honesty, I was the money and the driving force, but Michael did that work)
  8. Built the raised bed & tried sq. ft. gardening
  9. Got rid of the dirt pile
  10. Tried a wattle fence
  11. Mangled Espadrilled the wild apple
  12. Wrote a new SCA article, although I should probably clean it up and move it to this site.
  13. And, in conjunction with above, did some more knitted bags.
  14. Wrote: took a creative writing class and got an A. Thank you Reggie Finlayson for listening to the wind and bending in the direction it blew.
  15. Wrote: multiple items scheduled for publication or already published. I’m still a little sensitive about pointing out where they are right now, though.
  16. Wrote: moved from 20 years of silence to 3 stories, three flash pieces, and three drafts. In one year. To be fair, the dam started breaking last year, as I had managed to finish 2 stories, one on my own and one in a workshop I took with Liam Callanan. I will not consider myself out of the woods, however, until I can steadily produce work. I’m still having a hard time focusing on fiction, having a hard time MAKING MYSELF WRITE IT DOWN.
  17. Wrote: Started working with the Phoenix student organization.
  18. Wrote: Staring my own small press. That will take years to come to actual fruition, though, so all I got there is a wet toe. Editing other people’s work will help me with my own. And me doing the editing will help other people’s with their work, so it’s win all around.


Tomorrow, I’ll start considering what I need to keep from the lists above for 2012. I plan to do another (u:)berlist, and we will see what the end of 2012 has to say about what got done when I get there.

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