What I did on my Winter Vacation

Oahu Sunset

I learned one important thing in Hawaii: 12 foot waves are way stronger than you are.

Of course, that didn’t stop body surfing from being Totally. Awesome. Go North Shore!

However, it is now 2 days since my last swim in a North Shore beach, and the waves pounded me into the sand so completely that I am still washing sand out of my hair today.

We arrived in Hawaii on the 14th, and got home last night. It was among the best vacations I ever had.

On the “Stand in all 50 States before I die” life goal, that leaves Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Vermont, and Maine. So, still a dozen to go, not counting the Territories, although I expect to visit Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The remaining territories are so remote (and most not significantly inhabited) that I can’t expect to get there. So, 38 states and one district down, a dozen states to go, plus maybe a couple of territories. 🙂 As usual, I have digressed.

Anyway, places we went to eat and have fun:
Hawaiiana Cafe
Shangri La
Hanauma Bay
Sunset Beach
Waimea Bay
Aloha Tower
Honolulu Academy of Arts
Pearl Harbor
Ala Moana Center
Pali Lookout
Valley of the Temples
Honolulu Chinatown
Iolani Palace
War Memorial Natatorium
Duke’s Canoe Club
Killer Tacos Haleiwa
Kono’s Haleiwa
Paradise Cove
Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck
Zippy’s Nimitz
Hilo Hattie’s
ABC Store (frankly, unavoidable, but in a decent way)
Rainbow Drive-In
International Market Place
La Mariana Sailing Club
Tanaka of Tokyo
Cheese*Burger In Paradise
Round Table Pizza and Sports
Crepe House
Tiki’s Grill & Bar
The Oceanarium

Of course, that isn’t every sight I saw or every thing I did, and I am sure that some of the things I singled out would be strange to some folks. But it is the beginning of my list of things I want to remember, and that’s good enough for now. After all, it has taken me most of the evening to get my photos into the computer, backed up on line, and listing and locating a site for most of these things. 🙂

God, it was fun.

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