Hate Rodents.

Squirrels are not amusing with their antics, and rabbits are not cute.

I’m a little cranky today. For the first time in a long time, I hurt myself enough to have it linger and slow me down, so I’m inside instead of working on my garden.

Frosnagulax is no longer with us. A kitty willing to live in your yard for the summer does a lot to get rid of squirrels and rabbits. I’m not sure if some of the seeds that did not come up in the square foot garden (there are multiple square foot plots that did not ever grow) did not come up because the seeds, although packed for 2012, were crap, or if the squirrels just dug them all out in a perfect sort of way.

Yesterday, they got all the raspberries. I can not describe how bummed I am. There was at least another 2 pints on those bushes, and now the they are stripped of fruits and some have been broken so they will not bear next year.

I don’t want to go long on complaints here, but short of an electric fence I do not know what to do about these aggressive muthas. There are people in my larger neighborhood who have been taken to court for squirrel feeding, the infestation is so bad. However, to look on the bright side, I can be sure that I will always be able to harvest dock, dandelion, and plantain, since that’s all too distasteful for the local rodent infestation.

Meanwhile, randomly…

1. Tortillas make a decent pie crust sub when making savory pies.

2. Rice makes an acceptable pie crust substitute when making savory pies.

This “good to know” cookery information brought to you by Elise’s strong preference not to make any pie crust recently.

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One Response to Hate Rodents.

  1. jodi says:

    Aw, honey. I hope you mean that Frosnagulax found a new home free of allergic kiddos after all, rather than being no longer with us in more of a circle-of-life sense.

    I know you don’t want to hear this, but I love squirrels. But I have the luxury to, as I don’t try to grow much food here other than herbs. My opinion of them may change if anything happens to our two tomatoes. . .

    Rice sounds like a fantastic crust for a pie, especially if it gets crispy where it touches the pan. Must try! Also, we discovered yesterday that tortilla *chips* are fantastic broken up into our black bean, tomato and avocado salad that we make so often in summer. We will have it at camp this year, for certain!


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