At last

I finally finished Titus Groan. The language is interesting, but the progress plods and most of the characters are so unlikable that it’s hard to make yourself read more than about 20 pages at a time.

Still, it was easier to get through than On the Road.

Which reminds me of two things:

Found a film of Ken Kesey and company driving a bus across the country (called, obviously enough, Magic Trip) that featured Neal Cassady–the basis for Dean Moriarty.

Man. That guy must have eaten a fistful of speed with every morsel of food he maowed. Just a spoonful of sugar helps the speed go down! Zoom!

And we found a comedy called The Book Group, an old Channel 4 thing, which we love. The first book they read? Yep, On the Road.

It’s brutally hot here, now. We are paying for that warm winter with a tinder-dry, torch of a summer.

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