Some things I believe posted as graphics:

Walmart Suckx

From the Artists vs. Walmart Tumblr. I have family and friends who work for these places, and I would be a whole lot more forgiving of Walmart if they treated their employees to things I consider fundamental human rights: decent wages for all, health benefits for all, enough time off for all (without that time off the result of deliberately under-employing people). I would have more patience for Walmart if their products didn’t get produced by third world slaves-in-all-but-name and if their stores moving into communities did not spell the death of downtowns across the nation.

I would be lying if I said I never, ever shop there. Sometimes, you head out to a rural community and it’s the only choice; sometimes you shop at the particular one that a friend or a family member works at because you respect the fact that they need a job. I’m spending money in a Walmart maybe 2 times a year. Consider this full disclosure. Still, Walmart needs to become a responsible employer, a responsible member of the community that feeds it, and until they do, every rare thing I buy there feels filthy.

Occupy Black Friday

Click the graphic for the full list. Even if you are the angirest of angry conservatives, this list is still a worthy way for you to consider modifying your gift behavior. Gifts are about love and time and thoughts, not about factory crap. I do take some guff sometimes from people who don’t get my thinking on gifts. I understand them as communication, and I communicate differently. Why don’t you communicate some of your time and care into a handmade gift?

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