The Leftover 2012 Seed List. Yay!

I know; seeds are not a terribly exciting topic, but I need to get my plan together so that I can determine how much I can still cram into my garden. The lot is only 60′ x 70′ and has a house kind of in the way. I have so much seed that I could easily plow up all of the land on my lot and still not go through all this seed. This isn’t because I grow to excess… No, no, I need to face it. I buy 37 different varieties of seeds, and can never go through the entire packet. I will be sharing some of my seed this year. Probably with Ghita, I already know I can send her some of the 2012 seed that should still be viable. I couldn’t possibly grow this many cantaloupes.

Without further ado, the list of leftover seeds I have and expect will grow.

Beets, variety: Detroit Dark Red*
Cantaloupe, variety: honey rock.*
Carrots, variety: Nantes.*
Chives, variety: common.
Collards, variety: Georgia*
Cucumber, variety: Armenian.*
Eggplant, variety: black beauty*
Garlic, variety: white.
Lettuce, variety: gourmet blend.
Lettuce, variety: prize head*
Melon, honeydew, variety not specified.**
Mixed greens, variety: Japanese.**
Mustard, variety: Florida broadleaf*
Mustard, variety: mizuna.*
Okra, variety: Clemson spineless.*
Pea, variety: sugar snap pole.*
Radish, variety: white icicle*
Rutabaga, variety: American purple top*
Spinach, variety: Bloomsdale Long-standing*
Squash, variety: Mammoth Table Queen/Royal acorn.**
summer squash, variety: black beauty*
Summer squash, variety: zucchini dark.*
Summer squash variety: zucchini bush**
Swiss chard, variety: Fordhook giant.*
Turnip, variety: purple topped white globe.*

*open-pollinators or heirlooms
**non-specific variety, but from Livingston Seeds, so it’s at least non-GMO.

Everything else from the Seedutopia 2012 list is either used up or so old that I have no expectations of growing it. However, I may try some of them anyway, because the Florida broadleaf mustard came up, grew like mad, and produced enough seed for this year. That package of seeds was approximately six years old when I planted it. I also had one of the watermelon seeds, start last year, but I did not get a melon–I came up, and I believe I have seeds from them–I did not mark the jar.

In terms of seed life, only the spinach has to be used up this year; spinach only has a 2 year seed life. The other plants have a longer shelf life, and so if I plant them, I should get growth. I need to attend to that, lest I buy another 37 packages of seeds. However, I bought entirely too much spinach and beets and eggplant last year, so I should probably pass them along, send it to Ghita, and my brother, and maybe asked my mother-in-law to she wants the other package. I won’t grow this much spinach, or beets, or cantaloupe–even if I send everyone 10 seeds out of the package, I will still have more than I can use.

Seeds I saved from my garden:

Mustard, Florida Broadleaf
Mustard, Mizuna
Pepper, Bell
Pepper, Thai hot
Thai basil
Patty pan squash, unknown variety
Butternut Squash, unknown variety

And I left the collards in the ground; if they survive the winter, they will seed this year, and I’ll collect those seeds, too. However, I am not sure which variety of collard got planted in which bed, so I may be growing me a crap shoot in 2014. It will be fun to see.

I don’t really like patty pan squash; I might just sprout those seeds. I may do the same thing with the butternut seeds. I got them from a squash I bought in a Growing Power market basket, so I presume that, at the very least, they are not GMO, but there is no knowing for sure.

Tell you what. Harvesting seeds is a boring, boring thing, but it really smells good. Right now, I’m cleaning the Thai Basil seed I saved; I can see why they call sometimes call it licorice basil. There’s a heavy scent of anise as I squished the pods to get the seeds to pop out. Mmm.

So, I am pretty close to a Seedutopia list for 2013. I’m pitching all my flower seeds (except the marigolds) and will but a few perennials and then… It’s all over except the planning and the building trellises and beds and digging and …

I guess it ain’t over.

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  1. jodi says:

    This may be a silly question, but do you really plant new chives every year? Even when we lived 2 hours further north, one zone colder than where we are now, we’ve always just had them come back year after year.


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