The cat came back the very next day
the cat came back, we thought she was a goner
but the cat came back, she just couldn’t stay away

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2 Responses to But…

  1. jodi says:

    Honey, are you serious? Snaggy showed up?


    • admin says:

      Maybe you will seethis someday. There is a little black cat living under my porch now, shy of people, but not hissing and spitting feral. The cat even likes to sit in the same spots that Snaggy liked. If I get to close to her, she meows, but if I put food down and step back, she comes out without being too worried about me. It’s probably not Snaggy, but I can’t get close enough to be sure, and whoever she is, she is welcome to live under my porch. I call her/him Anubu.


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