Seedutopia 2013: Seeds Wanted, For Trade, and basic list for 2014 garden

Oh God, y’all, it’s another extravagant seed list!

It’s been kind of cold for gardening today, and so I went through my seeds to determine what’s still going to be viable next year, what I have enough of to trade, what I’m looking to trade for, and a beginning list of plants for the 16th-century bed next year. Since, you know, I’m not really ready to put the garden to bed for the year (it is not even September 15, after all) but I also don’t feel like being outside in the chill today, either.

If gardening doesn’t really thrill you, no need to read the rest of this.

What I am looking for:

Orach (colors other than double purple)
Perilla, green
Tomato,costoluto Genovese
tomato, red pear
tomato, purple calabash
tomato, Paul Robeson
tomato, Dr. Wyche’s Yellow
bean, bolita
cucumber, jaune dickfleischige
edible gourd, serpente di Scilia
lettuce, tennis ball
Rutabaga, collet vert
Collards, Old Timey Blue

There’s actually a vast quantity of seeds I’m looking for, but limited garden space and a desire to not be greedy means that my list is quite small. The thing that is most important to me is to pursue cultivars that can trace their ancestry as far back as possible. The items listed above have all been chosen because a) they look like the cultivars that can be seen in 16th-century art, or b) they are cultivators from the 19th century or earlier.

Available for trade:

Oak Leaf Lettuce
Black Spanish Round Radish
Early Wonder Tall Top Beet
Sugar Ann Pea
Harris Early Model Parsnip
Upland Cress (1)
Moon and Stars Watermelon
Cherokee Trail of Tears
Melon, Charentais
Giant Nobel Spinach
Red Bartender Radish (1)
Winter Density Bibb-Romaine Lettuce (1)
Snake Gourd
Cosmic Purple Carrot
Red Giant Mustard Greens (1)
Red Russian Kale (1)
Mary Washington Asparagus (3)
Mammoth Sandwich Island Salsify (1)
Radish, French Breakfast
Tomato, Wisconsin 55 (3)
Tomato, Black Krim
Tomato, old German
tomato, Amish paste
tomato, unknown yellow cherry
tomato, boxcar Willie
Carrot, Calliope Blend
Radish, Daikon
Beets, variety: Detroit Dark Red* (1)
Cantaloupe, variety: honey rock.*
Carrots, variety: Nantes.* (1)
Chives, variety: common. (4)
Cucumber, variety: Armenian.* (1)
Eggplant, variety: black beauty* (3)
Lettuce, variety: gourmet blend. (1)
Lettuce, variety: prize head* (1)
Melon, honeydew, variety not specified.**
Mixed greens, variety: Japanese.** (1)
Turnip: seven tops
Broccoli: Romanesco
Nasturtium: Emperess of India
Nasturtium: Dwarf Beauty Mix
Mustard, variety: Florida broadleaf* (1)
Mustard, variety: mizuna.*
Okra, variety: Clemson spineless.*
Pea, variety: sugar snap pole.* (1)
Radish, variety: white icicle* (1)
Rutabaga, variety: American purple top*
Spinach, variety: Bloomsdale Long-standing* (1)
Squash, variety: Mammoth Table Queen/Royal acorn.**
summer squash, variety: black beauty*
Summer squash, variety: zucchini dark.* (1)
Summer squash variety: cocozelle
Tomato, Yellow Pear (3)
Tomato, Amana Orange (2) (3)
Tomato, Crimson Cushion (3)
Tomato, Tigerella (3)
Turnip, variety: purple topped white globe.* (1)
Calendula: Pacific Beauty Mix
Mustard, Florida Broadleaf (1)
Mustard, Mizuna
Smokey Fennel

Things I will grow next year but do not have enough seed to trade:
Cucumber, Muncher (1)
Red Nightfall (aka Mayflower) Bean
Kale, Dinosaur
Whipple Dry Bush Bean
Golden Ball Turnip (1)
Aunt Ruby’s German Green Tomato (3)
Italian Salad Mix (1)
French Mesclun Mix (1)
Alfresco Mesclun Mix
Burpee Mesclun Mix (1)
Burpee Spicy Mesclun mix
Swiss chard, variety: Fordhook giant

ORDERED FOR 2014 Garden:
Parsley root; Hamburg
Kale; Couvre Tronchuda
collards; Georgia
good King Henry
egg plant; colorful mix
chard, perpetual
runner beans; Scarlet Emperor
runner beans; sunset
runner beans; painted lady
bean,pole; Turkey craw
been, Bush; Borlotto lingua
Asian greens; Tatsoi
Asian greens; Malabar Red
cardoon, bianco
arugula, Apollo
Snow Pea, Carouby de Maussane
pumpkin, musquee de Provence
squash, blue Hubbard
tomato, hillbilly
tomato, powers
tomato, moonglow
tomato, marmande
herb, marjoram
watermelon, cream of Saskatchewan
ground cherry, Aunt Molly’s
Edited 8 JAN 14
Tomato: Mandarina
Tomato: Jack White
Tomato: Coyote
Tomato: Roughwood Golden Plum
Tomato: Red Pear
Tomato: Mariana’s Conflict
Tomato: Unknown Dark
Pepper: Super Heavyweight Bell
Edited 15 Jan 2014
Lettuce: Tennis Ball
Lettuce: Ella Kropf
Tomato: Rosso Sicilian
Carrot: Dragon
Pea: Tom Thumb
Cucumber: Collier
Radish: Selzer Purple
Tomato: Italian Heirloom (Seed Savers Exchange variety)
Tomato: Soldacki
Basil: Lettuce Leaf
Edited 22 January 2014
Italian Gold Tomato
Cucuzzi Italian Edible Gourd
Dr. Wyche’s Yellow Tomato
Marianna’s Peace Tomato
Zleovo Tomato
Rainbow Swiss Chard (Five Color Silverbeet)
China Rose Radish
Dwarf White Sugar, Edible Podded Peas
Nadmorska Rutabaga
Tularosa Market Melon
French Sorrel
Double Purple Orach
Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumbers
Thai Basil


Currently planned items for a 16th C. bed:

(Sepente di Scilia)
Armenian Cucumber
Tomato, Yellow Pear OR (Tomato, Red pear)
(Tomato,costoluto Genovese) OR Marmand
Tomato, Amana Orange OR (Dr Wyche’s Yellow)
Tomato, Unknown Dark
Squash, Blue Hubbard
Runner Beans, Painted Lady
Mayflower Beans
(Lettuce, Tennis Ball OR the several lettuce mixes if I can’t get tennis ball)
Parsley root; Hamburg
pumpkin, musquee de Provence
cardoon, bianco

These choices are based on a combination of research and folklore. There is an interesting amount of serious research that has been done in an attempt to identify the squashes and cucumbers and so forth seen in 16th-century Italian painting, and so choices related to the Cucurbitaceae are based on the information in those scholarly articles. Other choices are less reliable, based on folklore, Internet research, similarity in appearance to items appearing in herbals and paintings, and seed catalog descriptions.

Want to trade? email me at merouda at hotmail dot com.

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  1. jodi says:

    I’m so tickled to learn that there are tomatoes named after Paul Robeson and Boxcar Willie. I’m imagining what they might taste like based on those names. . .

    I tried growing two varieties from seed this year, Black Russian and Green Zebra, but I don’t know enough about it to keep them healthy in the stage between seedling and viable plant. We ended up buying and trading for plants (not those varieties, sadly; couldn’t find them).


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