Happy December!

So, now, gallery is dead. This means images across my site are broken. Could it be that the universe is telling me that 2014 is THE YEAR to redo the site?

MMMMmmmmmm….. Could be.

Also, I am hungry.

So, I guess the next entry in the uberlisty goodness tag is going to be dealing with a review of 2013 and creating the 2014 resolutions. Hahahahaha. Those things never work to inspire me, but it’s kind of fun to look back at them three or four years down the line and notice what I did get done, and completely in spite of myself.

Also, I am hungry.

Also, don’t think I am going to get my Boar’s Head projects done, which gives me teh sad. November was just too rough.

Meanwhile, enjoy some awesome:

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