Bah, humbug 2013

Yes, I have come to dislike Christmas because it’s turned from “Merry Christmas” to “Collect Shitmas.”

That said, to celebrate what used to be wonderful about the holiday, I want to wish you and yours a wonderful day and present a nice mashup of A Christmas Carol.

This gentleman took bits and pieces of 10 different movies based on A Christmas Carol and edited them together to create a story as true to the Dicken’s original as possible. There are a few ‘good bits” from modernized tellings that add a little pop of fun to what is otherwise a dark and grim journey to redemption, which is a thing people tend not to realize is what Christmas is about. You’ll get past the quick cuts between movies fairly quickly and then that just adds to the whole surreality of the story. It’s presented as a play list of 11 videos and will play itself in order from the window below.

Bonus: June Lockhart and Patrick Stewart.


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