Marihaus Gardens now harvesting…

Dandelion, Plantain, Hosta, Raspberries, Lemon Balm, Lovage, light amounts of lettuce, onion greens, chives, garlic greens, radishes and radish greens, light amounts of beet greens, sorrel, dock, rhubarb, orach, violets, bellflower.

The strawberries are blooming. Keeping the ground cover over them all winter seemed to help some of the plants survive. Soon, my pretties, I will be eating yellow alpine strawberries. Tiny, tasty treats.

Purchased a gooseberry bush, but not yet sure where I will plant it. Of the three blueberries I bought, only one appears to be leafing, so I might have to get more. I should buy barrels to put them in, so I can just move them all around.

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