Now Harvesting at Marihaus Gardens: Harvest Monday

Well, I fully intended to do a full blown Harvest Monday post last week. I got side tracked. And then I fully intended to do a full blown Harvest Monday today. But I got sidetracked, AND my bread machine died.

But I shall persevere, and at least display samples of what I am lightly harvesting this week.

First harvest 2016: Sorrel, chicory, dandelion, garlic, onions.

Second harvest: Sunchoke, salsify, sorrel, chicory, dandelion, garlic, onions, and kale.

I am exceptionally excited about the kale. I have not had much success in overwintering anything. Here in Zone 5, winters are harsh, and since I decided I wanted to start saving seeds, I have been trying to figure out what the minimal amount of coverage for overwintering actually is. Most years, I can’t get the greens through, because either I did not get enough coverage on them, or the rodents got through the cover and ate everything. This year, the cover was enough for the kale and the collards to make it through, and they are regenerating nicely. I suspect that I did not cover them enough to get them through a typical winter, but they made it through a mild winter, and that is a start. Turnips and beets do not appear to have made it through, and so I will have to try harder next year, or I may have to accept that I will need to lift them and keep them in the fridge for the winter.

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