A November Tuesday

Ed Note: Hillary has just been officially named the candidate for the democratic party. This entry is almost 10 years old. I resurrected it because, 10 years on, racists have no filters–they just open their mouths and use their fists. I pray that Hillary will win, simply because I read the memory recorded at the end here, and I believe firmly in the ending statement. Too, the bootheel is crushing us all, these days. I am still committed to living in a culture that does not have these awful problems. Floretta, my dear Floretta, is gone now, but even today, all these years later, I still hear her weep.

by Merouda – November 7th, 2006.
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Please remember to vote today. If you are in one of the several states voting on banning gay marriage, please vote to stop such ridiculous laws. The Wisconsin amendment is particularly heinous, in that not only does it try to outlaw gay marriage, it is also designed to strip away rights from just about anyone living in a “cohabitation” state. No more right to visit your partner if he’s ill–you’re not family. No more possibility of life insurance on your partner’s policy. And so forth. The Wisconsin law is pretty much designed to force those who can marry to do so and destroy those who can’t.

Wisconsin also votes on the death penalty today. Please vote against this as well. It’s not a deterrent, it’s more expensive than life imprisonment, it is not fairly imposed, and, in the name of all that is divine, it’s a cruel and unusual punishment–something that is Constitutionally forbidden. I can not understand the mindset that allows some of the people in this debate to condemn those who would strictly interpret the Koran and the inadvertent evils such things lead to while at the same time promoting some Old Testament justice as the only way to protect our people.

The other day, I was discussing these issues with a woman on my caseload–elderly, poor, black, ill. I mentioned this to her, let her know that one of the reasons I object to the death penalty is that it is far more likely to be imposed on a black man than anyone else. To my chagrin, this woman looked at me, grasped my hand, and began to weep. “You’re such a sweet girl,” she said.

And I sat in my car, after that visit, horrified. Horrified. HORRIFIED.

My ghod, I don’t want to live in a culture where people of color spend their whole lives so ground under the bootheel of wealth that the idea that someone of the majority race might see the injustice and desire redress is so foreign as to seem a fantasy.

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  1. Oh, honey. I see those attitudes down here in the south and it wears me down so much. When are we ever going to cease to live in a culture of “us and them” and start to live as just “us”?

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