They have arrived, and are having their pre-planting drink.

These are from Baker Creek, with Old North Sea in the tall container and Scarlet in the smaller one. The stories behind them are nice, and they may be as close to the Renaissance strawberry mentioned in the UMASS Renaissance Garden as I will ever get. Alas, it’ll be next growing season before they can be tasted, but still. I just have to decide where to put them.

Hell, my asparagus bed is now 4 years old, and it still does not produce a whole lot. Out of all the roots I put in the ground, only 6 came up, and they are so randomly spread through the bed that it’s always going to be an interplanted bed. I certainly can’t spare that much space for six plants.

I have been watching One Yard Revolution lately, and I am so glad to find him. He has some lovely self planting beds, JUST LIKE ME! Sometimes, I think I am the only person who does that. I am going to have to clean up the self-seeding that occurred in the side yard a bit, though, as I want them to be a little more ordered, just for the sake of the neighborhood aesthetics.

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