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Ah, aging.

Me: Your hair is so beautiful. Thorvald: Yeah, but there is less of it. Me: That’s like saying my figure is beautiful, there is just more of it. Advertisements

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In which planting and migraines are discussed.

OH, THE PAIN, THE PAIN I’m on day three of the most impairing migraine I have ever had. It’s not the most painful, but it is the most persistent, and it came with a wealth of symptoms I had not … Continue reading

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The Milwaukee entry for Mayor Bloomberg’s Challenge

Friends sometimes wonder why I am so impassioned by this idea, this Victory Garden Initiative. Sure, they all know that I like to garden, that I always have a veggie garden, some years better than others, but every year a … Continue reading

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What I did on my Winter Vacation

Oahu Sunset I learned one important thing in Hawaii: 12 foot waves are way stronger than you are. Of course, that didn’t stop body surfing from being Totally. Awesome. Go North Shore! However, it is now 2 days since my … Continue reading

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