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Well, So Much for That. Also, Sewing.

Sometimes I struggle with sleeplessness. If I have an obligation, I cope until the obligation is met and then I slug it up until it is time to go back to bed. If I don’t have an obligation, I still … Continue reading

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Death to 2016 II

Welcome 2017, and already you’re starting to look like a mirror image of 2016. This makes me sad. I have reached about the end of my ability to deal with 2016, and if 2017 is just going to be 2016 … Continue reading

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In which Leesie engages in more garden wank.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/merouda/12263105344/player/ This was an awesome meal. It consists of: onions, mixed greens, tempeh, and olive oil stirfried together; bread with unsalted butter and strawberry jam; and mint tea. The thing that’s important for this particular entry is to note that … Continue reading

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SOPA, PIPA, and Unilateral Decisions.

I don’t have a vast readership here, so I did not bother with blacking out my site on 18 Jan, but I did write to my representatives. In short, I’ve had some kind of creative presence on the internet and … Continue reading

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In Which Elyse Dutifully Checks In

Given that I am on break from school, I should spend a little time doing something I love: writing here. Of course, I was not kidding a few entries ago when I said that my inability to solve the problem … Continue reading

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An SCA Meme to Start the New Year

Note: Another resurrected historical entry. It is all navel-stare-y, but it is useful for me because it reminds me of some things I want to do. Edited into this blog 29 July 2016. An SCA Meme to Start the New Year by … Continue reading

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A Self-Indulgent Moment

Ed Note: this one, I should probably backdate.  This is primarily about my SCA service bucket list I’ve pulled it up to remind me of my plan.  Edited into this blog in July 2016. by Merouda – September 2nd, 2006. … Continue reading

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