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They have arrived, and are having their pre-planting drink. These are from Baker Creek, with Old North Sea in the tall container and Scarlet in the smaller one. The stories behind them are nice, and they may be as close … Continue reading

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Restless, and photo collage documentation.

So, I was hoping to get my garden started. Not in this venue, but elsewhere, I have been busily bitching about how poor 2016 was for gardening, and I’d like 2017 to be better. There have been lots of lovely … Continue reading

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In which the historical place of rhubarb is discussed.

Rhubarb is a lovely example of how foodways might change. It shows up in the historical record as a plant with medicinal value during the Middle Ages, but, like maize, is not appropriate on the re-creationists table. Rhubarb did not … Continue reading

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Boars Head Handout in the rough.

I am putting together a class on historical gardening, and today will be the first version of it, a round table discussion that will allow me to present some information and learn about what things are most interesting to students. … Continue reading

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Ye Vertue of ye Flowery Mead

Let us begin at the end: Dandelion Jelly The beginning may have been my desire for violet jelly, but the whole subject goes back for years and years, starting with some distant crank telling me how I should be keeping … Continue reading

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A Gathering of information on two pre-1601 soft fruits, or, I bet you thought I’d given this up, eh?

Nope. Still here, just egregiously busy. Today, however, I am laid up with pain, so I am doing some catching up with all the many personal projects I have meant to share since I have this unexpected time. As long … Continue reading

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The Canning Curmudgeon, part 1

10/12/14 It’s very nice out in the yard today. I have no idea how much longer this nice weather will last, but it has captivated me, it’s true, and so the plethora of chores must wait while I engage in … Continue reading

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