The Arts & Sciences 50 Challenge

Ed Note: This page was resurrected in order to access the list. AS50 is done, but Projectland Never Sleeps. Thus, I need the list to keep working on the projects.

The idea of an A&S 50 challenge has been going about in various SCA communication channels for some time. Read about it here.

For someone like me, finding a way to fit it in was a challenge in itself. Aside from the fact that I always have 5 or more personal challenges going on at any one time, the A&S50 didn’t offer me anything new–I’ve tried hundreds of crafts, I’ve made way more than 50 of a variety of different items, and I’ve been expanding my persona knowledge for years. Nonetheless, I wanted to be a part of it, if only because I know how motivating group projects can be. Thus, I decided that my participation was going to have to be idiosyncratic. My journey will be about furthering some few skills, seeking little practiced arts/sciences/research areas and learning about them in theory and, if possible, practice, and teaching others via sundry routes. Of course, this is supposed to be a 7 year project. This is a thinking list, and I won’t know what 50 projects I will do until I’ve finished 50 projects. I am sure that it will undergo metamorphosis, but all journeys of a thousand miles begin with the first steps.

However, this is a 7 year project. It will be interesting to note how it changes.

Below is the table of things that might become A&S 50 projects. To go to the table containing a progress report, click here.

The beginning of the “Bucket List:” Crafts areas under consideration for the A&S 50, about 1/2 of which I know somethingabout:

  1. Do or learn about the things listed in “A hundred points of Husbandry” as much as possible. Just getting through a year cycle might be enough to drag 50 new things into my SCA life. :-)
  2. printmaking
  3. glass painting–specifically, reproduce something like the panel in the V&A, because I’ve already done fake windows and decorative painting.
  4. fishing
  5. hunting
  6. mining. yes, I said mining. For tin.
  7. fruit tree grafting
  8. architecture
  9. build a camera obscura
  10. Spend 50 hours in persona
  11. oil painting
  12. panel painting
  13. bedroom into solar: see first entry here.
  14. dining room into “dining hall” with consequent diners with friends who might be interested in eating period foods with me.
  15. knot garden
  16. period accounting
  17. writing period letters, maybe even see if we can get a little period letter swap going (would be way cool for camping events)
  18. be inspired by other people’s projects–50 people if possible
  19. actually build that trunk I’ve been researching for a ridiculous while now
  20. Actually make the standards I’ve been researching for a while now
  21. make period shoes with my great grandfather’s shoe making tools
  22. Read “Utopia” and “In Praise of Folly.” Too bad we don’t have a “book club” for reading period literature.
  23. try sculpture. I might really suck at that.
  24. Read the other book titled “Tudor Cornwall”-not the one by Rowse, the one by John Chynoweth. I’ve read Rowse
  25. Actually perform something I’ve written
  26. Learn more about Tudor medicine (mmmm buttered spiders!) and possibly read “The English Physician” in its entirety, although it’s post period.
  27. animal husbandry–goats, chickens, et cetera–and just plain old pets.
  28. Bathhouse
  29. Learn more about John Cabott’s journeys.
  30. go on a pilgrimage–The closest I thing I can get, I think, would be to visit the chapel at Pennsic, early one morning, before pennsic has the chance to wake up and ruin the illusion. Other option might be a memento mori walk through Forest Home cemetery. Do both, if I can.
  31. Complete my period-like encampment project. This is another one that’s so big that it alone could encompass 50 things.
  32. do a set of blank scrolls on a letterpress? Maybe Morgan’s mom can help with this? I’m excited to do something typeset.
  33. make a period close stool to solve the 5 or more times a night issue.
  34. Ride a horse in period clothing–as a lady of the day.
  35. Traveling Lunch
  36. The Pennsic Cupboard
  37. Modelbook
  38. Mosaic work
  39. Enamelled jewlery ?
  40. Naalbinding stockings for K ?
  41. The long desired, simple bread oven?
Some things I’ve some level of skill and/or experience in, but may or may not focus on specifically for the A&S 50:

  1. Research
  2. Calligraphy
  3. Illumination
  4. Bookbinding
  5. Embroidery
  6. Cooking
  7. Costuming
  8. Candlemaking
  9. Soap Making
  10. Rapier
  11. Archery
  12. Tourney Fighting
  13. Herbalism
  14. Blacksmithing
  15. Acting
  16. Brewing
  17. Vinting
  18. Period diary
  19. Choral Music/Madrigals
  20. Playing my psaltery
  21. Pottery
  22. Pysanky
  23. Pyrography
  24. Arrow making
  25. Bobbin Lace
  26. Late Period Poetry
  27. Papermaking
  28. Applique
  29. Knitting
  30. Chain Mail
  31. Armoring
  32. Tablet Weaving
  33. Loom weaving
  34. Leather decorating
  35. pewter casting
  36. Lucet cording and other cording skills
  37. Natural dying
  38. Dance–western
  39. Dance–Middle Eastern
  40. Gaming
  41. Heraldry, although it will show up in projects
  42. Filk, even period type
  43. Beadwork of all sorts
  44. Persona study that can be covered by the persona lists out there.
  45. Fresco painting
  46. Basket making
  47. Scribal Chemistry
  48. Astrology
  49. Quilting
  50. Ceramics

That’s enough for now, I’ll add to this side as I run across things I’m not specifically going to build on.

Progress and/or completions on projects from the focus side:

  1. Inspired by other people:
    1. Jane Stockton
    2. Margaret Fitzwilliam
    3. Giovanna Battista da Firenze
    4. Elianora Mathewes
    5. Gwynedd merch Megan o Fon
    6. Christian de Holacombe
    7. Margherita Alessia
    8. Barbeta Kyrkeland
    9. Eliane Halevy
  2. Bedroom into solar
    1. did research on curtains–so far, can’t find curtained windows
    2. did research on rugs–usually on tables, noted that white cloths laid over them when set for meals
    3. late period pictures of St Jerome and the Annunciation excellent models for learning about period interior in private rooms.
    4. Obtained gothic-inspired wire frames to decorate windows–if not workable, will work well in garden as plant support.
    5. Received a gift of a period-style bench to refurbish
    6. Obtained second-hand wallpaper that’s nice ambiance although possibly too dark to be period-like.
    7. Obtained a hanging lamp inspired by period design.
  3. Writing Period Letters
    1. Gwenhwyvar Nocturnal
    2. Giovanna Battista da Firenze
    3. The Baron and Baroness of Madrone
    4. Josceline Levesque
    5. Bronwyn ferch Gwyn ap Rhys
    6. Taught a class on letters, 35th Anniversary
  4. 50 hours in persona
    1. 3 Hours at Pennsic ‘07
    2. 3 more hours, Pennsic ‘08
    3. 3 hrs, Pennsic ‘09
    4. 3 hrs, Pennsic 10
    5. 1 hr, Boars Head 10
  5. Oil Painting
    1. Patch for quiver
  6. Period Orchard
    1. Fruit tree grafting: See here.
    2. Elderberry bushes started
    3. Mulberry tree transplanted
    4. Raspberry bushes transplanted
    5. Research on additional types of period fruits that will be Zone 4 hardy.
    6. New Raspberries put in to replace those that died over winter.
    7. Wild Apple tree sprung up in yard, with edible but tart, small apples. May be the best I can do for “period apples” and I will take the gift for now. Next spring, start to espalier the thing.
  7. Period Lent
    1. Research on rules
    2. Eat according to those rules for the duration of Lent (Yay, I did it!)
    3. Write a letter sharing what I learned with others.
  8. Tusser’s 100 points of husbandry
    1. February ‘08: plant peas
    2. March: Prepare a dish of parsnips in Lent
    3. April: Make cheese
    4. May: Work with wool
    5. June: Weed
    6. July: Maintain property
    7. August: Purchase preserved fish (herring) & buy secondhand cloth
    8. September: Dig water furrows into the garden
    9. October: Gather and stack fire wood
    10. November: Plant Beans
    11. December: Feast Thy Neighbors
    12. January: ’sow’ oats
  9. Period Hunting
    1. Read Thomas Cockaine’s A Short Treatise of Hunting
  10. Period Fishing
    1. Read Treatyse of Fishing with an Angle, printed 1496.
  11. Work towards a more period encampment and kit
    1. Completed a small knit bag for feast gear protection
    2. Replaced sauce jars with lidded crocks*
    3. Completed another knit bag for feast gear
    4. Stove: designed a periodish hobo stove
    5. Brazier: assembled a workable verision
    6. Completed another kit knit bag.
    7. Made 2 4 sets of wooden knitting needles to replace plastic needles.
    8. And another knit kit bag, for the pitcher.
    9. Made a knit cap for sleeping
    10. Obtained FAAAARR better knife, fork, spoon for feast gear
    11. And won another very good knife for feast and cooking gear.
    12. Refashionista cotton/linen dress replaces 1 piece of crap camp garb
    13. The Cheap and reasonable Scribal desk is is unsable condition
    14. Knit kit bags #5 and #6 & #7
    15. The Carmine Refashionita Dress is done
    16. The brown linen partlet is done
  12. The Pennsic Cupboard**
    1. Canned 2 portions of Lenten Gourds in Pottage
    2. Canned 2 1-cup containers of elderberries
    3. Canned a 2-cup container of Apples Royal
  13. Period Accounting
  14. Traveling Lunch has been started
    1. Notes begun
    2. 1.2 written
    3. Another 5 pages written
    4. And another 8 pages written
    5. Endure Tragedy: a power outage destroys 90% of the work done on this project.
    6. Resumed work and added 2 more pages
  15. Service projects as A&S
    1. Heraldry designs for the Princess
    2. Made 12 book covers for CAM
    3. Agreed to serve in Baronial Showcase Withdrew as a result of mundane commitment
    4. Calligrapy group formed, and committed to making some blanks for kingdom. In progress.
  16. A Close Stool
    1. Research on Tudor Era Close Stools
    2. Found a site with instructions for building a modern version
  17. The Requiems And Sorrows
    1. A Sonnet for Price
  18. Clay Oven of the simple sort
    1. Pot=obtained
    2. Oven opening cut into pot oven was destroyed in tragic table collapse.
  19. Letterpress Printing
    1. Contacted Morgan’s Mom for assistance
    2. Took a class on period printing, Pennsic *xxxvij*, and printed a broadsheet
  20. Period Shoes
    1. Informal class on shoe making, Pennsic *xxxvij*
  21. Standard & Banners
    1. Designed first standard. At Last.
  22. Tudor medicine
    1. Read parts of the English Physician
    2. Read a very nice article on the contents and recreation of the medical kit on the Mary Rose
Projects completed from the non-focus area:

  1. Made a quiver
  2. Wrote web article about making quiver
  3. Costuming
    1. black linen choli
    2. black linen coif
    3. natural linen coif
    4. 1 pair refashioned knit stockings
    5. Black and yellow cord for going-kingdom dress
    6. white linen choli
    7. Article on period-looking modern shoes
    8. Made a tunic for K
    9. A new veil, large
    10. A small linen veil
    11. a yellow silk partlet w/ handmade cords
    12. Another tunic for K
    13. A tunic for Ry
    14. A knit shoulder cape (compatible rather than period)
    15. Another coif, linen with some blackwork
    16. 2 bag caps, and learned the fabulous Magic Veil Stitch
    17. Refashioned brown linen partlet with handmade cords
    18. Completed a simple bodice
  4. Cookery***
    1. Researched period baking
    2. Gelly of Pork” recipe.
    3. Tarte of Plums.
    4. Armored Turnips.
    5. Gourdes in Pottage.
    6. Tart of Prunes.
    7. Created achicken based on Platina.
    8. An SCA-compatible quiche
    9. Chicken a la Nola.
    10. Salmon dish
    11. Potherb receipt from Platina.
    12. Redacted “apples Royle”
    13. redacted Rice, another way
    14. Carrots and cumin from Apicus
    15. Meatball dish cited in To The Queen’s Taste
    16. Redacted Sarcean meat.
    17. redacted a “fish pie
    18. created a workable oil crust
    19. redacted a Lenten Flan
    20. redacted an Arabic recipe for eggplant with fish. Yuck.
    21. Salted lemons
    22. A Pottage of Rapes and Oysters
    23. Elderflower Cheesecake
    24. 4 different redactions of period “pancakes”
    25. And, at last, a crepe that’s edible
    26. A Pottage of cauliflower and dumplings
    27. A vegan version of a tarte of mushrooms
    28. Lenten Cretonee of Newe Benes
    29. A sourdough bread
    30. Another sourdough bread
    31. A Compote of Strawberry
    32. Scallops based on Le Menagier
    33. Turnips based on Le Menagier>*
    34. Shrimps based on a recipe in Two 15th Century Cookery Books*
    35. Research on balsamic vinegar
    36. Macrows, adjusted for vegans * **
    37. a version of Fish Pies out of Lent *
    38. Mushroom pie, another way
    39. Almond Cheese I
    40. A Blancmange, adjusted for vegans
    41. Sole in Civee
    42. Spinich Yfryed
    43. Research on period cheese & meat substitutes
    44. Benes Yfried & 2 other fava bean variants
  5. Embroidered patch
  6. Taught a class on Table Books
  7. completed a small Turdor Rose embroidery

*planning to make patches for these–they are not perfectly period, but they’re the best I can do for the traveling lunch right now.
**This project allows non period preservation methods as a result of E24’s gasline and easement. Firepits–and thus, period cooking via a fire–are not allowed. Canning will allow me to just reheat on a brazer, which is a period thing to do.
***Recipes developed/redacted are now considered available for the Pennsic Cupboard Project, as of 4/20/2008. It’s appropriate to start a munchies project on 4/20, don’t you think? Note that Pennsic Cupboard is about preparing period, Lenten foods for Pennsic and Traveling Lunch is about researching, redacting, and preparing write ups of foods fit for tourney meals that meet particular dietary restrictions (i.e., no eggs because of allergies, low cholesterol diet, et cetera). These are not necessarily the same.